The perfect match

I had him telling me to enjoy yet another episode and straight after that, to have Gilmour, Waters and friends delighting my ears right before sleep. To try that, to combine it.

It’s the perfect match, I thought. Why do you call me emotional, I wonder. Is there anything possibly more emotional than combining Pink Floyd and The Next Generation? Could senses be more highlighted and enlightened after such a combination of words, sounds, thoughts, images outside and inside your mind?

I can only think of a phrase to endure a moment like this: “Thinking of good and bad is a sure sign that you are already far away from the spirit (…)”

One thought on “The perfect match

  1. TatiMatz says:

    Se perguntares pro Pedro (aquele sobrinho meu, de quatro anos e meio) qual é a música preferida dele, ele vai dizer: “Echoes”. Believe me.

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