Monthly Archives: December 2010

Final Cut

Have you ever been a victim of the question “What’s your favourite book?” or film, or actor or whatever. I have a favourite everything in every different period of my life, and a general favourite taste for general generalities…

Mad, isn’t it? (mad in the way you prefer to understand it, as a couple of days ago, an American teacher gave me a lecture on how different it is to say mad in America to the UK, only because I called my friend/boss mad as a joke)

Well, these days I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd, one of my favourite something in the list of 10 best whatever we prefer, and I thought: Do I have a favourite album from them? do I prefer ONE over the rest? Is that possible?

If possible, what would be the line of reasoning to entitle it so? Well, after several minutes of self discussion, I found my favourite album out of one of my favourite things. And if that were not all, I found a self logical argument to get to that conclusion.

“The Final Cut” is the chosen one, why? Because it makes me feel most sensations during its 45ish minutes. Specially “The Fletcher Memorial Home”. Superb.

(Besides I love Roger Water’s description from it:

“The Final Cut was about how, with the introduction of the Welfare State, we felt we were moving forward into something resembling a liberal country where we would all look after one another…but I’d seen all that chiselled away, and I’d seen a return to an almost Dickensian society under Margaret Thatcher. I felt then, as now, that the British government should have pursued diplomatic avenues, rather than steaming in the moment that task force arrived in the South Atlantic.”)